Pave the way for a new era of game creation

Our team sitting on the couch.Our team sitting on the couch.
What we’re doing

Making game development accessible and collaborative.

By leveraging the power of modern tech and the web we can make game creation more accessible and inclusive for everyone, as well as open up opportunities for new and innovative game experiences that were not possible before.
Our first product is a runtime for building high-performance multiplayer games, powered by Rust, WebAssembly and WebGPU.

Check out our GitHub.

Open roles

Senior Game Programmer (Rust, Modding)

Open Application

Open Source Community Manager

Senior Rendering Engineer

Game Engine Programmer

Our perks

Work from anywhere

Whether it's from the comfort of your home, a bustling co-working space, our scenic Stockholm office, or any location that inspires your best work, we believe in empowering you to choose where you work.

Flexible work hours

Choose a schedule that works for you and join daily collaboration windows to stay connected with the team.

6 weeks paid time off

Get some well-deserved time off, with 30 days paid time off annually to use for vacations, holidays, or anything else you desire.

Collaboration retreats

Collaborate in-person, and engage in fun experiences with your colleagues.

Nurture your passions

We believe in fostering creativity and innovation by encouraging you to pursue personal projects.

Empowering Workspaces

Receive an annual budget to set up your ideal home office, whether that means lightning-fast internet, co-working space access, or stocking up on your favourite coffee.
Our team

Tobias Enholm

CEO & Co-Founder

Tobias is a former Management Consultant and startup guy that has done sales and hiring. He's into building motorcycles and still plays HoMM3.


Fredrik Norén

CPTO & Co-Founder

Fredrik has long experience from building games, game engines and his own studio. He also worked at Spotify in both NY and Berlin. Plays PUBG and drinks natural wine.


Tei Roberts


At 19 years old, Tei already knows five programming languages, but Rust is the clear favourite. Tei has built game engines, renderers and is an avid Factorio player when not coding.

Mithun Hunsur

Senior Engineer

Mithun has been at both AAA studios and startups. He was a co-developer on the multiplayer mod for Just Cause 2 and has built game engines. Also dabbles with photography, writing and AI art.

Easy application

Submit your application.

Simply drop an email with your resumé to and include your portfolio/GitHub if applicable.

We encourage you to read through our landing page, this career page and our 0.1 blog post. For technical roles, also visit our open source GitHub repo and get familiar with our core tech. This way, you'll get to know our values, tech and product.

Short interview with our co-founders

Once your application has passed an internal review, Tobias will email you and schedule a 30 minute call over Google Meet. We don't do tests or home assignments.

Second, in-depth interview

For tech and some other roles we will ask you to walk us through a project of yours in more detail. We might ask you to dig deeper into our open source GitHub repo to help figure out the best role for you.


If we are a good fit, we will send you an offer to join our team.


You’ll get access to our Discord and collaborative spaces to get to know the team ahead of time. Together with you, we will make a hands-on personalized onboarding plan for the first months. You’ll get the opportunity to work a while in person with your closest colleagues. 

Our values


Creating an inclusive environment for all employees is a top priority.


We are dedicated to fostering a culture that supports creativity and technological advancement, and embracing open-source principles.


We prioritize having fun each day and create a positive work culture.


Our vision with Ambient is backed by a strong group of partners, including institutional investors, game industry veterans, and tech entrepreneurs, ensuring a solid foundation for our long-term success.

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